On the Last day of CyberSecurity Awareness Month ie October 31 , 2018 Google Announced a big security update to the users in the form of enabling Javascript in their browser at the client side before logging in. If you have disabled it you will be getting this error as shown above in the figure . And you won’t be logging in . If you wanna read more about this you can head over to the Google Official Blog post elaborating about this . Read here

This process of will take place just before you enter your email and password of your google account and before you grant access of your google account to apps and services and before in case your account is compromised by a hacker. This will be very useful for reducing the amount of accounts being hacked by the hackers and it will make lives more difficult for the hackers to hack accounts of the users.

Every user out there wants to get their accounts safe and for that they implement various security practices but certain situations arises when the hackers apply some phishing or harmful techniques to get the password of the user. This  technique will be very useful for that specific attack because it will happen at the client side before you even sign in to the account so double security you can call this from Google for your account.

In their blog post Google mentioned or called this as a risk assessment which they will run after you have entered the credentials and they will look at how the credentials are typed if anything looks suspicious they will notify you or don’t grant access to the account. They mentioned that for this assessment you have to enable javascript at the client side. Many users out there don’t enable Javascript so that they can load webpages faster and can also save the bandwidth. But after this announcement you must enable it so that you can sign in to your google account. 

If you have not enabled javascript in your browser or don’t know how to enable it you can go here to follow step by step instructions on how to enable it. 

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