Hey guys I am back with another blog post. In this post we will be discussing How to best create a RESTful API in Node.js?. Let’s start by seeing the different methods which are as follows: we will be looking at different Javascript libraries and tools to make restful apis in Node.

You should look into a nice library restify. If you want to use Express you can check a ready made project in Github called – node-restful.

This library is much more efficient in building restful apis in Node and have much more features: https://github.com/jspears/mers

Strongloop Loopback seeems to be another good alternative for generating Node/MongoDB APIs. It can also generate mocha tests too.

Take a look at Hapi its a configuration-centric framework for building web applications and APIs its used as restful service.

Other options are sails.js and actionhero

Check out the new and modern Feathers library. With Feathers you can build prototypes in minutes and production ready real-time backends and REST APIs in days

Strapi is a new (2015) framework.

The admin interface on their website allows you to create an API and specify relationships between models. (As can be seen in their introduction video.

However it is designed to run on the Koa server, not on Express.


Try https://hivepod.io/ and generate your example in a full MEAN stack. Hivepod builds on top of BaucisJS + ExpressJS + MongoDB + AngularJS.


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