Hey guys I am back with another blog post. In this post we will be discussing How to decide when to use Node.js?. Let’s start by seeing the different areas where you can use node and what sort of applications you can make with Node. So let’s start the post.

My feeling and advice to developers will be to use Node in those situations where you want to create a long and persistent connection with the browser commonly known in web terms “Long Polling”. Node is very much suitable for making real time applications where you want data in real-time. Common examples will be chatting applications, Games, data-intensive applications, video streaming etc. All major companies including Google, Facebook, Youtube uses Node in some way to make applications. For ex Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Youtube etc.

Reasons to use Node which are as follows :

  • It allows developers to use Javascript outside of a browser for other tasks such as interaction with file system, networking applications.
  • It has become the defacto standard environment in which to run Javascript-related tools and other web-related tools, including task runners, minifiers, beautifiers, linters, preprocessors, bundlers and analytics processors.
  • It seems quite suitable for prototyping, agile development and rapid product iteration.
  • It is very lightweight and fast. There has been over 200000 visits on this website in three weeks and minimal server resources has been able to handle it all
  • It is easy to configure.

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