In the series of tutorial I will be your instructor Gautam Sharma and I will be guiding you guys about how to implement Firebase Google Login in Android Application . This is the first part of the tutorial series in this tutorial I will be giving you a short demo of the actual application that we will be building in this series . As you saw in the above video we will be building this application from scratch .

This is the actual interface of the application in which we have a Google Sign-in Button to allow users to tap on the button to sign-in using their google accounts . After pressing this button a popup window will appear in which users can select which account they want to sign in.

After you pressed the sign-in button you will see a pop-up window appearing in front of the users . Users can select the account to sign-in and after that the information will be displayed about the  users in the form of their username and email and their profile picture.  

As you can see after the user selects his or her account then after that you can see the information displayed in the form of user’s profile picture , username and email address and also there is a logout button there in front of the user to logout from the account. 

This is the end of the first tutorial . In the next tutorial we will implement this functionality with the help of step by step instructions in code and all the source code will be available to download and you will follow me on Youtube to get all the notifications of youtube videos and tutorials.

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