Welcome folks I am back with another blog post. In this post we will be implementing Custom List View in Android Application. List Views are a very important concept in Android Applications. In almost all apps we some kinds of list views. In this post we will be implementing a custom list view. Let’s get started with this post.

To get started with the post we need to make first of all the xml files for this project. First of all create a Listview in the main_activity.xml file and copy paste the following code.

Secondly create another xml file to create the layout of each list item. Copy paste the following code into the file.


We will be creating three Java Classes first will be the actual class which will be holding the data for the list view. Copy paste the code into it. Create a new class Product.

Second Java class we will the actual Adapter class which will actually connect the Data to the ListView in the App. Create a Adapter class name it what you want and copy paste the below code into it.

Lastly copy paste the below code in main_activity.java file to connect all things together.

Congratulations we are done implementing Custom List View in Android Application. Thanks for reading the post and if you want to receive more tutorials like this please subscribe to the newsletter.

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